9 – (Shoulda) PUSH(ed) ME IN, BITCH.

Looking intently at your toy, I wanted to touch it so bad. We had pulled back from the edge¬†the flooding river. But I didn't feel lucky. I didn't own such toys. Yellow, small and fluffy cute. Like the young possum you swung across the room. Hurting my heart. This was safer, an inanimate toy. A... Continue Reading →


Mental Illness – My Story Pt. 1

I recently took to twitter to bemoan the state of mental health in New Zealand. While I got some much needed support, mostly in the form of a couple of likes, I was ignored more than not. The nature of my illness translates that to no-one cares, despite the support I did receive from complete... Continue Reading →

Runaway Tracks

In the 80's we put one cent coins on train tracks, Not these ones, ours had mowed grass and flax bushes. Ours had an underpass, touch the top as the train flashes by. Is that still legal? In 2005, crossing my old tracks became illegal, as did standing on them. I could always see, hear,... Continue Reading →

Peace Out, Flickr?

I'm currently.... Not at all sure what I'm going to do with this blog. As such, I have been avoiding this space until that day I magically know what I'm doing. I suddenly emerged from my dumbassery for a second and realized that I'm never going to magically know anything, especially what I'm doing. This... Continue Reading →

Lucifer Hates His God Phone

The god phone was ringing again. "Oh fuck off would ye, Odin", Lucifer boomed at the phone. It had been ringing constantly since he'd started farming out souls to other pantheons. Even fucking God had taken some time out from admiring his own naval to give Lucifer a call. No matter that it had been... Continue Reading →

Dead Photos. Y/N?

Warning: The links I post in this entry all have images of dead animals. If you don't want to see dead animals please do not click the links. I was just doing some internet photography wandering and I came accross the community Dead Photos, which is dedicated to imagery of dead animals. I'm not sure... Continue Reading →

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